When should you see a Doctor about an ANKLE SPRAIN?

The majority of ankle sprains heal on their own in about 2 and 12 weeks after you injure it.

However, if your pain is bothersome, especially when you apply weight on the injured ankle, that is the time to visit one of the docs at West Coast Foot and Ankle Center. Our docs will be able to tell if you have a sprain or a more severe injury with similar symptoms.

You should also see us if your injury is not healing in the typical time expected. If the sprain doesn’t seem to be getting better, then there is a good chance it’s not a sprain.

Please don’t forget, swelling is the bodies natural response to an injury as your body rushes blood to the affected area to help heal it. Since your ankle is so far away from your heart, it may take a little time to pump blood to and away from the injury. Due to this, you may see swelling long after the ankle is improved.

Come to see a West Coast Foot and Ankle Doctor if:

  1. You are experiencing Prolonged pain
  2. There is significant Bruising
  3. There is weakness and pain when weight bearing